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A Trescentillion (1 Trescentillion) is 10 to the power of 312 (10^312). This is a monumentally astronomical number!

How many zeros in a Trescentillion?

There are 312 zeros in a Trescentillion.

What's before Trescentillion?

A Duocentillion is smaller than a Trescentillion.

What's after Trescentillion?

A Quattuorcentillion is larger than a Trescentillion.


A Trescentillionaire is someone whos assets, net worth or wealth is 1 or more Trescentillion. It is unlikely anyone will ever be a true Trescentillionaire. If you want to be a Trescentillionaire, play Tap Tales!

Is Trescentillion the largest number?

Trescentillion is not the largest number. Infinity best describes the largest possible number - if there even is one! We cannot comprehend what the largest number actually is.

Trescentillion written out

Trescentillion is written out as:


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